9th May 2019 Current Affairs In English – GK Questions Answers

Now Check 9th May 2019 Current Affairs In English – GK Questions Answers. Welcome to online current affairs category. In this section we provide latest current affairs notes for those who is preparing for Banking, SSC, Railway, Defence and other competitive exams.

Current Affairs In English – GK Questions Answers

Q-1. On which day is the World  Red Cross Day Celebrated?

(A) 8 May
B) 7 May
C) 9 May
D) 7 May

Ans. (A)

Q-2. What is the theme of World Asthma Day 2019?

A)  You can control your asthma
B) Stop for asthma
C) Its’s time to control asthma
D) None of these

Ans. (B)

Q-3. Who is awarded the V K Menon Award?

A)  C.Nitish raj
B) A.Vikram Kumar
C) G D ‘Robert’ Govender
D) Rakesh Sharma

Ans. (C)

Q-4. On which day International Day of the Miswiff celebrated?

A) 5 May
B) 4 May
C) 6 May
D) 3 May

Ans. (A)

Q-5. Purple frog will soon be crowned as the state’s amphibian?

A) Tamil Nadu
B) Kerala
C) Odisha
D) Karnataka

Ans. (B)

Q-6. How many new award categories FIFA has been announced to promote women’s football worldwide?

A) 7
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2

Ans. (D)

Q-7. Which bank has dropped form third place in the market valuation to tenth place?

B) Yes Bank
D) HDFC Bank

Ans. (B)

Q-8. Which High Court had started a pilot project called Zero Pendency?

A) Delhi High Court
B) Allahabad High Court
C) Bombay High Court
D) Chandigarh High Court

Ans. (A)

Q-9. Which country had stopped using Indian currency in 2014?

A) Sri Lanka
B) Nepal
C) Pakistan
D) Bhutan

Ans. (B)

Q-10. Which day is celebrated as World Thalassemia Day?

A)  8 May
B) May 6
C)  9 May
D) 8 May

Ans. (D)


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