Top 10 Facts About Mobile Phones

 Facts About Mobile Phones : The world’s first cell phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior specialist at Motorola, called an adversary media communications organisation and educated them he was talking by means of a cell phone. So today we will know about the interesting facts of mobile phones.

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Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

1. World first mobile phone was Motorola Dynatac

The world’s first cell phone was “MOTOROLA DYNATAC 8000” who is invented by Martin Cooper It weighed 1.1 kg and contained 30 bits of contact with it and it was just 30 minutes to realize that it was such a battery life and its price was 3999 U.S Dollar.

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2. World first touch screen smart phone was IBM Simon

The world first touchscreen mobile phone was launched in 1992 by IBM.The IBM Simon is additionally referred as the first smartphone.Simon is the main cell phone to be develop with the highlights of a PDA. It contains calculator, calendar, address book etc and its cost was $899 with a service contract ($1,435 in today’s dollars),according to Byte Magazine.

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3. Most water proof mobile phones are used in Japan

The world most water proof phone are used in Japan because people take it while bathing so 90 % of smart phones in japan are water resistant.

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4. 70% phones are manufacture in china

China’s cell phone industry of cell phone industry has high development rate, raising its offer on the worldwide cell phone advertise. 70% phones in the world manufactured by China.

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5. India is world second largest mobile phones producers

India is currently the second biggest cell phone maker on the world after China, according to data shared by Indian Cellular Association with Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

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6. Iphone 4s elite gold is the world most expensive phone

The most extraordinary cell phone at any point made with an construction cost of £6 million. The bezel is handcrafted from rose with approx 500 individual impeccable precious stones which add up to over 100ct. The back segment is shaped utilising 24ct gold with the additional dash of its 24ct gold Apple logo and 53 jewels. The principle route is produced using gold which holds a solitary cut 8.6ct precious stone.

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7. Your cell phone is more smarter than the NASA Apollo Moon landing

Present phone are much smarter than Apollo 11 moon Landing Equipment.

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8. Why the time is always set to 9:41 in iphone ads?

It is because of the main iPhone was launched to the world or rather its impression was given to the world at around 9.41 AM in the 2007 Macworld and Conference by Steve Jobs.

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9. First camera phone was launched in year 2000

The first camera mobile phone was sold in 2000 in Japan, a Sharp J-SH04 J-Phone demonstrate, admited some contend that the SCH-V200 and Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, both presented months sooner in South Korea and Japan separately, are the main camera mobile phones.

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10. In present their is 6.8 billion population in the world  in which 4 billion population are mobile phone user

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