Top 10 Amazing Facts About Shakira

Interesting Facts About Shakira : Shakira, in full Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born in February 2, 1977, (Barranquilla, Colombia), Colombian artist who achieved success in both Spanish-and English-talking markets and by the mid 2000s was a standout amongst the best Latin American recording artists. Read 10 amazing facts about shakira.

Top 10 Facts About Shakira

1. Greatest Artist Of Nation

She is the best Colombian artist ever, moving a greater number of collections than any other person in her nation. She has sold in excess of 140 million collections around the world.

2. Powerful Lady

Forbes Magazine voted Shakira as the 58th most powerful woman in the world in year 2014.

3. Most Award holder

Shakira has won 2 Grammy Awards, and she has been selected 5 unique occasions. She has won over 400 awards including 10 Latin Grammy Awards and in 2010 she was awarded a medal by the UN International Labour Organisation for her work with children.

4.  True Barbie Doll

Mattel, a similar organization that makes Barbie, has delivered Shakira dolls and a TV arrangement in her picture. Rather than keeping this cash, she has given the returns to youth foundations.

5. Love Affairs

Shakira started dating the child of the then president of Argentina, Antonio de la Rúa in 2000. Be that as it may, in 2011, following 11 years together, the couple reported their plans to separate.

6. Multi talented Lady

In truth, Shakira can talk various languages like Spanish, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and Italian. She is an ardent painter and one of her most loved things to paint is fried eggs.

7. Healthy Person

Shakira doesn’t drink coffee, smoke, or drink liquor.

8. Proud Mother

In 2010, Shakira entered a committed relationship with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. They met in 2010 when he showed up in the music video for Shakira’s tune, Waka (This Time For Africa) which was the official tune for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The couple have two kids together, Milan and Sasha.

9. Dance without Shoes

More often than not, Shakira plays out her shows with no shoes on.

10. Wonderful Mix

Her legacy is a mixture of Lebanese, Colombian, and Italian. Her grandparents emigrated to New York City from Lebanon.

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